Project 64: Indigo

I am starting this project {Project 64: Out of the Box} on Week 7.  The color for this week is:

I actually went and bought a box of crayons yesterday.  Wish I had a pair of indigo blue jeans.
As I was driving home yesterday I passed a few eighteen wheelers that were this color believe it or not.  I should have taken a picture of them but …, I didn’t.  I must now search for something this color.  Wish me luck.

I picked these up in Spain a few years ago.  Saw them sitting on the table and guess what?  They just happen to be the color of the week.

Colors to catch up on:

  • Yellow Green
  • Carnation Pink
  • Chestnut
  • Robbin’s Egg Blue
  • Gray
  • Apricot

The journey begins!

I have just started taking pictures with my DSLR any criticism will be appreciated.  Also just started this blog so hopefully I will get better at both.

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6 Responses to “Project 64: Indigo”

  1. Simone

    Such a perfect match up! You will really enjoy this challenge, I can't say it is easy at times, but it certainly makes you look outside the square!!

  2. Brooke

    Very pretty indigo find! We are glad to have you join the journey at project64! Good luck to you on your blog and DSLR journey as well! Thank you for linking up with project64!

  3. LisaF

    I just came back from Mexico and saw lots of pottery like this, so your thumbnail shot caught my eye. Lovely colors and pattern.


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