Macro Flowers Saturday

Found on a neighbors mailbox.  Wish I knew the name.
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Macro Flowers Saturday badge 1

13 Responses to “Macro Flowers Saturday”

  1. helene1

    Love these flowers and I, also, cannot recall the name.  Someday I will grow them on a trellis!  Wonderful capture!

  2. LadyDpiano

    Vivid color and one of my favorites. Stunning capture. Thanks for today's visit.

  3. Katie Lloyd

    These are clematis, although I don't know this particular variety's name. I have some in my backyard and love them! 🙂 Very lovely capture!

  4. Katie

    I love the purple color! My folks have this growing on a trellis in their front garden—in fact, it's my mother's little “pet”. She loves it. Thank you for the nice visit today! : )

  5. imaginelaughsmile

    Thanks Katie.  I guess I always thought of clematis as looking like something else. 

  6. Anna

    I love clematis and mine are the color of yours.  Don't know their official name, but they are beauties.  Great capture!


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