I took this photo of our black lab, my husbands baby, yesterday.  She really doesn’t look or act like she is 12.

Sweet Shot Day the long road

10 Responses to “Abby”

  1. imaginelaughsmile

    Thanks, Deb.  I think I took about 40 of her the other day.  She is just like a child and won't sit still or look at the camera.

  2. imaginelaughsmile

    Thanks.  Even though she is 12 she still likes to play and walk.  After she goes for a walk or a swim the next day she acts her age.

  3. imaginelaughsmile

    Thanks, she is a cutie!  Glad you visited my blog.

  4. Em S.

    It's amazing how you don't notice a dog aging…we've had our dog for 7 years and she still seems as spunky as when she was a pup…just much larger now.

  5. Jaime

    I had a pup like yours when I was growing up.  Abby looks so sweet!  


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