The Worm

Our tomato plants had a great summer.  They put off little yellow tomatoes all summer long.  Then today my daughter went out to pick them and she found these all over the plant.

Day 1

We counted about 20 on our two plants.  Where do they come from and just how many can come at the same time.  We are now doing an experiment to see how long they will stay. 

Day 2

Down to about 10 on day 2.

Day 3

There are still about 10 worms on the plants.  Where did the other ones go?  Did they turn into moths?

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12 thoughts on “The Worm

  1. They are going to stay or keep appearing as long as there is tomato plant to eat. Best to remove them as you see them to protect your plants. My grandmother use to snip them in half where she found them. Kind of gross but effective. Maybe she thought it was leaving a warning for others who came by.

  2. They can destroy a tomato plant in no time.  I use Bacillus thuringiensis to prevent them, it's a natural, non toxic control and if I do see them I bisect them with pruning shears, yuk!Now something much larger is eating the fruit maybe voles.  That is my reward for living on the edge of a wildland.

  3. Wow … we don't have those caterpillars in England.  We have some very similar, the Privet Hawkmoth, the Lime Hawkmoth and the Poplar Hawkmoth are three that I can think of off the top of my head, but they don't eat vegetables!  As their names suggest, they eat privet, lime trees (not the fruit, the other kind – the linden) and poplar.I don't think they actually appear suddenly, they're just very, very good at hiding till they've eaten too many leaves!

  4. The plant is pretty much gone now.  We are just letting them hang around and see what happens.  Kinda like a science experiment but don't have to turn it in.  Snipping them in half might be fun.

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