Macro Moments: Week 1

My new thing to photograph is door knobs so I decided to use one for this challange. IMG_9124

Musin’with Susan has a new challange Macro Moments.  If you love macro photography stop by and check it out.
Taken with Canon T6s
Sigma Lense 18-300
f 7.1
200 ISO

14 thoughts on “Macro Moments: Week 1

  1. I like that feature door knob a lot! So artsy! And side note – I just took a photo of a crystal doorknob – have not posted yet – maybe later – but yours is super nice !

    1. Thanks Prior-2001! I have a crystal one that I took today also but I like this one better. I’ll probably post later. I should have a doorknob category.

      1. well I will be back around (pausing for a week – but looking forwards to catching up when I get back – and please show us the crystal one…)
        also – this door knob has an India feel to me….

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