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My Friend the Pelican

Lions, Tigers and Bears Oh My… well Elephants, Giraffes and Birds

Birmingham Zoo

Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge



Sandhill Cranes


Sandhill Cranes and Whooping Cranes


Sandhill Cranes

Just a few photos from a visit to Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge, Decatur Alabama.

Photography 101: Solitude and Rule of Thirds



Usually there are at least fifteen birds around the feeders we have in our backyard. When I shot this yesterday, there was only this one. Solitude.

Catch Up Time


Flying Goose 2

Flying Goose{68/365}

Bridge in Cordova Alabama
Bridge in Cordova, AL{69/365}

Abandoned Mine Walker Co., Alabama

Abandoned Mine, Walker Co., AL{70/365}

Walker Co., Alabama
Old Store, Walker Co., AL{71/365}

Bo Bikes Bama 2
Bo Bikes Bama 2

Bo JacksonKen Griffery Jr. with my daughter and me at Bo Bikes Bama 2
Ken Griffey, Jr{72/365}


Knock Out Roses{74/365}


{10/365} Heron

Took the puppy for a walk today on the Shelby County Greenway. She wouldn’t let me take a whole lot of shots. Oh well tomorrow is another day.

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